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Conflict is inevitable in our society and in the world. The Better Men Outreach Program is highly sensitive to this fact and how it impacts the lives of Black Men in our community.  Conflicts in our communities often end up in destruction and even death and the need for conflict resolution in the era of the internet is critical now more than ever.  Conflict is steeped in negativity, anger, hurt and pain, yet in this realization we believe that human conflict can evolve into a process of learning,  healing, progress and growth.

In 2017 Better Men Outreach built a partnership with Detroit Job Corps and implemented a 12-week conflict resolution curriculum implemented by our Executive Director Dongelo Moore.

The conflict resolution class was so powerful that Detroit Job Corps made it a requirement for graduation. More than 1,000 young men and women took the course and have since graduated. As a part of the Job Corps partnership the BMO Program often connects Job Corp graduates with part time job opportunities. 

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