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It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
- Frederick Doug

Wrap Around Mondays / Bro Code & Athletics

BMO Juniors is a prevention program created from the 7 Points Ascension Rites of Passage, James Ngare’s intervention strategies at Henry Ford High School and Better Men Outreach’s format. 

 BMO Jr. targets young men in grades 6-9. We recognize that these are very vital times for adolescent males. Basketball is a tool to instill life lessons such as leadership, accountability, and communication. 


BMO Jr is a program that sees continued growth and success.  During the program's first season in 2017 the team lost six of their first games.  Through sheer determination, focus, dedication, shared leadership, mentoring and commitment, the team ended its first season with a 10-1 winning streak which resulted in BMO Juniors being crowned Champions. 


BMO Juniors has since gone on to place 2nd in tournaments with MWA, TLC2 and Coach D’s Elite league at Bradford. In the Fall of 2019 BMO Jr “Crusaders” were crowned champions. Since the Covid-19 pandemic we halted official operations in March of 2020. BMO Jr. will relaunch in the Spring of 2023 in alignment with the state of Michigan’s regulations.

BMO Jr’s Creed and Commitments


Every loss is not a defeat, and every win is not a victory. Most of our losses are lessons to help us find victory tomorrow. Many of our wins are only steppingstones to a successful victory. 

 It is imperative that we play as a team and choose our friends wisely.

Playing as a team means executing our roles and communicating properly.

Great communication is key to a successful life. A team that communicates is a team that finds victory.  In society, a good diction and articulation are normally signs of a successful man.  

Stick to the game plan and stick to your life goals.  As long as you are focused on your goals and plan you won’t be distracted or trapped by other people’s plans.  

·        Every play is an opportunity to execute toward a win just as every day is an opportunity to build your lifelong victory.

·        Effort and dedicated determination build skill and tenacity.  Effort, dedication, determination, practiced skills and tenacity are the foundation of overcoming anything.


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