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Community Engagement

The BMO Program teaches that all voices are critical in democracy, policy making and securing a future for all in this country. The BMO program teaches that it is not enough to complain about the “system”, and that all must be involved in civic and voter engagement. The program stresses that those closest to the problem are also closest to the actual solution.  Members learn and understand that it is not enough to be satisfied with being disenfranchised, they learn that we must act, we must be involved civically, and we must be a part of democracy through the vote and beyond.  The program also highlights the importance of being responsible for the state of affairs in our neighborhood both socially and politically.

The program recognizes that the average citizen is either working, in school or tied down to everyday responsibilities and may lack the time or access to understand policies that are impacting their lives and the lives of their families and community. As leaders in the community, The BMO Program believes it is our responsibility to educate the community about the different policies and issues impacting their communities. 

Each member of the BMO Program is required to register to vote and to be willing to participate in jury duty and other civically centered duties and responsibilities.  Black men are one of the most impacted populations within the criminal justice system and in order support a fair and just justice system, our members must be willing to serve as jurists and be civically minded.  

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