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The circle is a universal symbol with a deep meaning. It represents the notions of Self, Movement, Totality, Expansion, Evolution, Wholeness, Eternity.   The CIRCLE has no beginning and no end, no sides, or corners.


In the circle we, as WHOLE MEN, share, speak, disagree, cry, negotiate, uplift, support, protect, create, encourage, challenge & hold ourselves accountable to
change,self-determination and growth.

The Circle is used as a space of transparency, where young men are provided with experiences that assist with deterring negative thoughts, energies and habits of discouragement and dread.  The Circle is a space that allows young men the opportunity to see that they are not alone and that others have experienced or are experiencing life in a similar way.  The Circle highlights and supports ways out of despair. The Circle operates on many layers, both within the gym and outside of the gym. It is a space that normalizes mental health counseling.  It operates with multiple rings and levels of accountability. And the Circle is connected to a vast network of resources to include job training, employment, educational, civic engagement, and community services opportunities and, conflict and violence prevention strategies.

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