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" If a man doesn’t know better, how can he do better?

If a man can’t provide for himself or his family how can you tell him to put the guns and the drugs down? If a man is ducking the law how can he turn his life around?

A criminal-minded person can only transform his thinking after communing with positive men who build his character and provides him with new opportunities."  ~DM

We must invest heavily in our children, our teenagers and young adults.    Now more than ever!



To challenge and deconstruct the stereotypes and narratives that permeate our city, our state, and our country as it relates to young black men. To create a safe space that will challenge and enhance young black men’s character, their physical and mental health, and their social and ethical mindsets. We aspire to improve our community through activities that create and support a foundation for success,  leadership development, opportunities for prosperity, civic mindfulness, and upward social mobility.   


We believe that every man has the right to work, and earn a livable wage.  We believe that every man should be able to live a full life, whole without threats and barriers to his success.  We believe that every man should have the opportunity to live in a society that allows him to have a sound mind, peace, and safety.  We believe that every man should have a voice and be able to express his freedom. 


An extensive network and a brotherhood that includes our members, supporters, mentors, and community partners, that acts as a safety net and a catalyst for sustainable and continual change for young black men, their families, and our community.  A community that is engaged in healing, shared accountability, social responsibility, success, and happiness.  A community that is full of limitless opportunities and resources connected in a way that creates a safe and meaningful place that allows men to express themselves freely and authentically.

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